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Do You Need Help with Paraphrasing?

phrasing tool“Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” as C.E.M.Joad once said. We often use what others have said within our writing, however, we will rewrite it into our own words to show that we have fully understood the source and to use our own style of writing; this is paraphrasing. We should however still give credit to the original source with a citation or reference.

Paraphrasing is however far harder than it initially looks and this is why you may want to consider using a simple phrasing tool. Many students want to use a paraphrasing tool to avoid plagiarism as they find it very hard to rewrite something without changing the meaning or repeating many of the original words unintentionally. Submitting work that is poorly paraphrased could see you accused of plagiarism and punished accordingly.

How to Use Our Online Rewording Tool

paraphrase helpOur rewording tool online could not be easier to use. Simply highlight the text that you need to be rephrased and paste it into the space provided on the tool. Then simply complete the challenge to confirm that you are a person and not a robot and the tool will automatically change the text for you so that it will be unique.

The phrasing tool works by changing words for synonyms and will work through the piece of working selecting words and even short phrases to change. The end result will be a completely new piece of writing that will be unique compared to the original.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

Plagiarism is a big problem within academic writing and if you do it you could face some severe punishment even if it is unintentional. The following are some simple tips to help you to avoid any issues with plagiarism within your own writing:

  • If you copy any text into your paper for rewriting later do so in a different colour so that you do not overlook it later.
  • If you rewrite something carefully compare the original and your copy to ensure that no phrases are copied word for word.
  • Where any phrases are reused ensure that they are enclosed within inverted commas.
  • Give a proper citation even if you have paraphrased the original writing so that you give credit to the original author.

Why Use of Our Paraphrase Help Rather Than Our Phrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool is quick and free to use, however, if you are looking for well written paraphrased text that is suitable for your audience and an automatic tool may not provide you with the quality that you need. As with all other software the tool is unable to actually understand the writing and will often make incorrect selections or leave the sentences reading very badly. If you want the usable text of a high standard then you will need to make use of one of our paraphrasing experts.

Our article rewriting service fully understands that paraphrasing is all about understanding the original meaning and not about simply swapping words for synonyms. Our experts are qualified in the areas in which they work ensuring that they have that understanding. This allows them to produce work that will be perfectly written for your audience every time while being an accurate reflection of the original writing.

Our Paraphrasing Experts Are Qualified to Help You

paraphrasing tool to avoid plagiarismMany services online that provide paraphrasing will provide you with very poor results as they simply don’t understand the need to provide highly qualified and experienced staff. With many years working within this area we have put together a large team of experts that have proven themselves many times over. Through us you will always get to work with an expert that is:

  • Qualified with a PhD or Masters degree in an area relevant to the text that needs to be paraphrased
  • Highly experienced with all different forms of rewriting and paraphrasing
  • Knows what is plagiarism and how it can be avoided
  • Can provide correct citations and references
  • Is a native level English writer

The Advantages of Using Our Paraphrasing Service Online

The aim of our services is always to provide you with perfectly written and accurate rephrasing that will fully meet your expectations. We always match you with the best possible rewriters who will work with you to ensure that they fully understand what you need. All of our work is done to your full satisfaction and we provide unlimited revisions until you are happy that your new text is precisely what you need.

In addition to providing you with the best staff our services also offer:

  • Guaranteed on time delivery for every service
  • Highly affordable help with regular discounts
  • Fully confidential services
  • Guaranteed original writing with a free plagiarism report
  • Proofreading provided free on all services
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your paraphrase or your money back

Use our phrasing tool or contact our specialist services here today to make your paraphrasing quick and accurate every time!